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The Zambia Institute of Animal Health is the only institution in Zambia that offers a two year certificate course in animal health and production and a two year certificate in Veterinary Laboratory diagnostics. The institute has a capacity to offer two year certificate Courses for Tsetse Control technicians. The institute is wholly owned and fully funded by the government of the republic of Zambia.

  • Vision:            To become a training centre of excellence by producing animal health and production experts for the livestock and related sectors.
  • Mission statement: To provide quality animal health and production training in order to contribute to a healthy and sustainable national animal population.


To effectively impart knowledge and skills in animal health and production in order to produce competent man power for a liberalized economy.


Zambia Institute of Animal Health is situated 6km west of Mazabuka central business district, off the Lusaka-Livingstone road. Mazabuka is situated 130km south of Lusaka city and 350km north of the tourist town of Livingstone


Zambia Institute of Animal Health established in 1943 was previously known as Veterinary Training School. At that time, the institute was conducting training for African Veterinary Assistants and had a capacity for 30 students per intake, over the years this has modestly increases to a 50 students per intake. In 1970-71, training for laboratory and tsetse Control Assistants was introduced. These two courses were suspended in 1993.


The facilities include

Farm: 500ha of arable land is available for livestock rearing. The farm has the following units; beef, diary, piggery, poultry and garden. The farm is a vital facility for skill training of our students

Recreation: Our campus has sport facilities that include football and netball pitches, a basketball and volleyball courts. The student hostels have access to Dstv.

Catering: The institute caters for the students main meals with a competent kitchen staff and a dining room.

Accommodation: The students are accommodated on campus.


Recently Zambia has identified agriculture as one of the sectors to compliment copper as the bedrock of its economy. With the agricultural sector, the animal production subsector plays a very important role in achieving this diversification of the economy. This has resulted in increased demand for animal health experts to maintain healthy and thus highly productive animals. As an institution Zambia Institute of Animal Health seeks to meet this ever increasing demand for Animal health experts by offering a certificate course in animal health and production

Presently, ZIAH is under the training section of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

This prospectus outlines the educational and training opportunity for those wishing to join the animal health profession. It provides general information to candidates seeking admission, sponsoring organizations and to those who are aiming to boost the Animal Industry. The training offered is predominately skill based aimed at equipping the trainee with knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of  the profession. Our institute is well linked to animal industry and has a very excellent faculty.

Dr A. Mulenga (Ag Principal – ZIAH).


Entry requirement:

The minimum admission requirements into the institute is a full grade twelve certificate or its equivalent with credits in English, mathematics and at least one of the following subjects: Agriculture science, science, biology, physics and chemistry. Selection is on competitive basis and one third of the places are reserved females as dictated by the nature of accommodation facilities.

How to apply:

Prospective students must buy an application letter, attach the necessary documents (NRC and grade 12 results or certificate). Applicants that meet the minimum requirements are notified and invited to commence training in the subsequent academic year.

When to apply:

Receiving of applications for the next academic year begins on 2ndJanuary 2018 and the deadline for next academic year will be on 31st May 2018 Shortlisted Applicant are called to attend interviews in June 2018. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application in August 2017


The course is composed of two years full time study with two semesters in each year. The subjects offered and their durations are as shown in the table below.

Semester OneSemester two
Anatomy & PhysiologySheep and goat production
Animal HandlingBasic farm management
Applied MathematicsLarge Animal Diseases I
Beef ProductionDairy production
BotanyGenetics and animal breeding
Pasture & Range ManagementPig production
Poultry productionProtozoalogy
Semester oneSemester Two
Disease ordinanceAnimal Draft Power
General pathologyAnimal Nutrition
MicrobiologyClinical Pathology
Genetics and Animal BreedpharmacologyEntrepreneurship
Principals of managementLarge Animal Diseases II
Laboratory DiagnosisLivestock Marketing
Agricultural extensionPoultry Diseases
ProtozoologySkins and Hides
EntomologySmall Animal Diseases
semester Isemester II
haematologySmall  animal diseases
HistopathologyLarge animal dieeases
ParasitologyVeterinary immunology
Disease ordinanceHistopathology
General pathologyDisease ordinance
Large animal diseaseLaboratory management ethics
VirologyPoultry Diseases
Laboratory Animal Breeding


Assessment of students’ performance is by continuous assessment tests, assignments and examinations. The student is assessed for every semester and progression into the next semester depends satisfactory performance implies obtaining a D grade in three or more subjects.

  • +260213 230155 +260 213 230649 THE REGISTRAR – +26 0955 300798  ACTING VICE PRINCIPAL – +26 0953 660426

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