Chalimbana University

Chalimbana University has been born from the original Jeanes School which was opened in 1939, as a Jeanes Training Centre for community teachers. It is located 57 km east of Lusaka in Chongwe district.

the 1950s the college was affiliated to the University of Salisbury – Southern Rhodesia as Chalimbana Teacher Training College; training both primary and secondary school teachers.

The college became exclusively in-service in 1970 to service primary school teachers and administrators and was renamed NISTCOL.

In 1975 Advanced Primary Course (APC) and Advanced Industrial Arts (AIA) were introduced.  These were upgrading courses for primary school teachers who had the necessary school certificate qualifications. These were one-year courses.

In 1989 Diploma in Basic Education for Science, Mathematics and English was introduced which was later in 1995 affiliated to the University of Zambia under the name of Secondary Teachers’ Diploma.

In 2005 Diploma in Education Management by distance learning was introduced. This has continued to date as Education Leadership and Management course.

Current in-service courses

All the courses currently being offered are underwritten by UNZA.

  •  Primary Teachers’ Diploma (PTDDL),

(1 year six months’ duration)

  •  Secondary Teachers’ Diploma (full time – 2-year duration)
  •  Diploma in Guidance, Counselling and Placement (2 years’ duration commenced in January 2004).
  •  Diploma in Educational Management (1 year six months’ duration).

Take note that there will be no intake as the university is still in the process of transforming. Prospective students should wait for advertisements from the university after senate has been put in place


Chalimbana University’s vision is to provide accessible and quality education to both pre-service and in-service students.

Mission Statement

The mission is “to enable and provide quality Education and Training to different personnel so that they impact better in their roles and cope with new trends and demands in our society”.


To provide quality professional and academic qualifications through short and long term programmes.


The major goals for the university are:

  •  To respond to the real needs of our country.
  •  On merit, win the respect and proper recognition of the university world.
  •  To provide an opportunity to research, discover and communicate knowledge and encourage use of the research findings.
  •  To produce authentic, effective and efficient teachers education administrators and other professionals capable of contributing to economic, political, social national and international development goals that protect and enrich human dignity.

Mode of delivery

The university shall offer courses using two modes, full time and distance.


  •  To train professional teachers for Early Childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  •  To equip education administrators with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the provision of leadership and management in education and also in their areas of specialisation.
  •  To equip teachers with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for teaching in their areas of specialisation.
  •  To enhance students’ research skills and career development.
  •  To develop professionals who will fit in the deferent sectors of our society
  •  To promote lifelong learning.

Proposed courses

Bachelor of Education Degrees:

Early Childhood Education

Primary School Education

Guidance and Counselling

Education Leadership and Management

(b)    Bachelor of Science with Education degree programmes:

Agricultural Science

Design and Technology (Industrial Arts)

Home Economics

Computer Sciences

Justification for the listed degree programmes

The courses listed in both (a) and (b) are not offered at any of our public universities. Teachers pursuing studies in these subject areas have to go out of Zambia to countries such as Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. As a result of this, very few of our teachers are able to access such training. There is a great need to localise such courses for our teachers to increase access. In addition the college has qualified personnel to offer degrees in the suggested areas of study as seen below. Thus degrees in Education Leadership and Management and Primary courses by distance learning can start without having to wait for new infrastructure.


Science Laboratory

Home Economics

Industrial Arts Workshop

ICT Rooms

Art and Design


Library Administration Block (Rooms)

Tutorials Offices

Hostel Rooms


Dining Rooms

Staff Houses (Academic and non –academic) 67 Boreholes


Ablution Blocks

The University will

  • Develop the Bachelor of Education degree courses in Education Management and Primary Education.
  • Upgrade Primary Teachers Diploma – Distance Learning (PTDDL) – to degree
  • Develop a mixed mode of delivery of the courses
  • Develop a research policy.
  • Chalimbana University
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  • Private Bag E1 Lusaka., Lusaka, Lusaka, 10101, Zambia