Great North Road Academy

Director’s Welcome remarks,

It is my privilege to welcome you as the Director of Great North Road Academy.

Our mission is “to educate the human potential”.  We believe every child is intelligent.

At Great North Road academy, the uniqueness of each child is recognized, natured and treasured. We have consciously created a work culture that focuses on LEARNING and not teaching with open doors at all levels. We have always been in a hurry to equip our learners with life skills to face the real world. We believe with such skills our learners are now subjected to a life time learning experience which will steer them to greater heights.

The 12 years of our being in business is a testimony of how much trust and confidence people have in our services and even at 12 years of service, we are still growing bigger and stronger. We are incredibly proud of this achievement. We have always had a long term vision for this milestone as each year has been very special and presenting unique challenges to us. Soon we will complete construction of our ultra-modern complex with infrastructure and technology next to none.

We pledge to remain committed competitive in the education sector for now and years to come, knowing very well that we are here to stay. Our teachers and supporting staff will continuously be highly motivated for the benefit of all learners and the high retention level attest to how much we value their contribution to the growth of the institution.

Many thanks to all our esteemed clients for the trust they have put in us in the past decade. Above all, we thank the Almighty God who makes all things possible.

Remember, when you choose GNRA you opt to work with a committed team, who with incessant call for mutuality, vie for a win-win situation.

Dr. Rozious Siatwambo.


Our mission is “to educate the human potential”.

We believe every child is intelligent. We are dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and life in general. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellect, social, emotional and physical


Quality service


Team Work



Gallant and reliable teachers (Teacher retention is high)

Formidable and visionary management team

Progressive PTA

Christian ethos

Highly equipped with modern technology and learning facilities

Pupils subjected to moral and value teachings

Prioritizing reading, maths, comprehensive handwriting and innovation (Sciences)

Great North Road Academy is run on five sections up to grade 12 and has also started a College of Education in Chilanga at Mapepe.

Pre- Grade

Lower primary school ( Grade1-4)

Upper Primary School ( Grade 5-7)

Junior Secondary School ( Grade 8&9)

“O” Levels (Grade 10-12 )

Holiday Tuitions

Great North Road Academy is a center for GCE Examinations and offers holiday tuitions for, Upper Primary, junior secondary, ‘O’ levels and IGCSE. The services include;

Intensive revision through past examination papers

Covering topics and where there is need for more attention

Professional mentorship and coaching on various topical issues affecting learning among them; how to sharpen the memory, effective study techniques, how to develop a passing attitude, effective examination writing techniques and many more. “Remember, we are all intelligent and therefore stand an equal opportunity to pass exams.”

Co-Curricular Activities

Sporting and Clubs


Career exhibition

Education Tours

Arts exhibitions

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  • Main Campus: Day School Great North Road , Near ZRA Kabwe Roundabout Lusaka, Avondale Campus: Day School At former Kalonde Christian School Plot 171, Off Gardenia Road, Avondale, Lusaka, Lusaka, 10101, Zambia