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We charge an annual subscription of Two thousand kwacha (K 2,000 = 00) and the information that  we ask from institutions is as basic as what they put on brochures for people to know where they are situated, what they offer and their contact details. Institutions can also include, enrollment forms  and a few photos. Their logo is also very important as it differentiates them from any institution that may have a similar name. For more information and payments contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Subscription is 12 months from the month of subscription. We thank you for your co-operation and support.

About Us

Education in Zambia website is program run under TryDa Zambia Limited by a team of dedicated Zambians to promote the education sector by providing a central access point for all education information in Zambia.

The is designed to be an electronic catalogue on all learning institutions in Zambia and serve as a conduit for high school graduates finding available tertiary colleges, trades, skills training institutes and Universities that will equip them with relevant skills to support country developmental goals. This will is a unique educational and informational portal, a one-stop destination for anyone around the world seeking information about education in Zambia. The website hosts a database of schools, colleges, universities, Training/Coaching centers, Libraries and Bookshops across Zambia.

Access to information on tertiary education facilities in Zambia has been inadequate as the information service providers is not centrally located for ease of access. Registration to higher institutions of learning has also been difficult for people in far flung areas of the country as information is not easily available. The Phone directory was for sometime a source of contact information but technology has swiftly changed the scenario, especially that the Phone Directory publication is an annual event and any change of location would have to wait for the next publication to be updated. On the other hand, the electronic directory, which is versatile, can be updated promptly to display any changes in either location or contact details. The website will also provide a platform for the various institutions to compete online for more exposure of their institutions.

Education In Zambia - Schools, Colleges and Universities

With education increasingly becoming the primary determinant of overall development in the emerging knowledge economy, seeks to become a meeting point for students, teachers, and all those who are concerned. With a huge data base of schools, colleges and universities across Zambia, we provide information on various career courses. Keeping in mind the needs of the working professionals, we have details of online education and different distance-learning courses. It is also the right place for those who wish to know about education loans, scholarships in Zambia, International fellowships and other relevant topics on education in Zambia and abroad. The site aims to be a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on Zambia Education, thus spreading numerous opportunities available to the Zambian students already pursuing education in Zambia.  is an Education in Zambia portal which leads you to all available career options, a comprehensive list of all Schools, colleges and universities (government and private) with details such as background, location of campus, course information, infrastructure, faculty, student services etc.

It is a system designed to promote and advertise the education sector in Zambia using modern technology of internet and website to the world. The focus is to list all learning institutions in the country on the web based database and advertise each institution on a single page that opens when you click on the name of the listed institution.


We sincerely apologise for having been offline. This was due to system upgrades
We sincerely apologise for having been offline. This was due to system upgrades



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