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About 120 meters off Chilumbulu Road

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To be a National research and Training Centre in Special Needs Education and produce competent and qualified Special Education Teachers and other personnel who will be able to meet the various Special Education Needs at different levels in the society of Early Childhood Care Education and Development, Basic and High Schools.


To Empower Special Education Teachers, Parents, Community and other Professional with the knowledge skill and attitude change through training, workshops and meetings


Service, Devotion and Dedication for Education of Children with disabilities

Courses Offered

Diploma in Special Education

In 1993, Diploma in Special Education was introduced and the programme was affiliated to the University of Zambia. ZAMISE trains teachers in Teaching of the Visually Impaired, the Hearing Impaired, the teaching of children with learning difficulties and Early Childhood Education for children with special educational needs. ZAMISE offers a two year full time diploma course in Special Education. The programme equips students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs, strengths and limitations of the children with Special Needs.

Outline of Diploma Course 

The core courses covered during the two years include the following Administration and Management; Curriculum Studies; Devices and Materials Production; Early Identification; Neuropsychology and Research Methods. The students continue studying courses from their specialty studying groups.

Assessment Scheme

This consists of lectures, discussions/group work, field trips, projects, assignments and tutorials. In the second year the students also conduct 8 weeks school experience in a chosen special school or unit that caters for their  area of specialisation.

Admission requirements for the diploma course are:- 

• Grade 12 certificate with 5 ‘O’ Levels

• In-service Teachers Training Certificate

• Recommendation from the sponsors

Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre 

The centre conducts assessment for and placement of learners with special education needs. It also conducts training in assessment and intervention of learners with Special Education Needs.

Diploma by Distance Learning 

ZAMISE also offers the Diploma through distance learning for the duration of three (3) years. The courses covered during the programe are the same as for full time. The course consists of three contact sessions in a year of two (2) weeks per session.

During these contact sessions students are given all the materials and assignments until the next session. Extra tutorials are also available for those who need assistance and guidance. During contact sessions the students are provided with accommodation at the Institute.

ZAMISE has  started  offering short   courses  in  the  following courses  below:

> Certificate in Zambian  Sign Language in Braille              (6 months)

> Certificate in Qrientation   & Mobility                      (6 months)

> Certificate in Activities  for  Daily Living                      (6 months)

> Certificate in for  Care Givers                                      (6 months)

> Certificate in Assessment,  Rehabilitation   Placement      (6 months)

> Certificate in Management   of Hospital  Teaching              (6 months)

> Certificate in fabric  printing  and Enterpreneurship   Skills     (3 months)

> Certificate in Cake Making  and Enterpreneurship   Skills      (3 months)

> Certificate in House Keeping and Hospitality                      (6 months)

> Certificate in Statistical  Package for Social Sciences       (6 weeks)

> Certificate in General Teaching  Methods                           (12 months)

> Certificate in Guidance  and Counselling                           (12 months)

> Certificate in Research and Consultancy                    (12 months)

All those who  are  interested  are  invited to apply.

The admission requirements are the same as for full time diploma course. 

Other services offered

• Computer lessons are conducted for students without the knowledge of using computers.

• Assessment for lessons and practice for children with learning difficult

• For Low vision and Blind Students a resource room is available for them to use the talking computers and magnifying    screens.

• Braille Printer to print work in Braille is available.

• Research supervision to all the students

ZAMISE, believes in the following;

Zealous in our planning

Active in our lecturing

Mindful with the kind of content and materials we use in our training

Industrious in the production and provision of education materials that are useful and acceptable to all.

Sense of belonging to the quality and acceptable education.

Enterprising in the choice of education

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Sports
  • Production Unit
  • Clubs
  • Preventive Maintenance

The Institution also has a 150 capacity hall that can be hired on weekend and holidays for such activities as Kitchen Parties and weddings. There is also an open space that can cater for 3 hundred people.

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