Great North Road Academy College of Education


Our mission is “to educate the human potential”. We believe every child is intelligent. We are dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and life in general. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellect, social, emotional and physical.

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  • +260 955 592 320
  • Great North Road Academy College of Education Plot No. 47 K1, Mapepe Chilanga, Chilanga, Luska, Zambia

Jubeva College of Education

The College is situated on plot number 1998, Kalindawalo road in Kalongwezi residential area of Chipata town In Eastern Province of Zambia.
The Acronym JUBEVA stands for Judith, Benson and Vailet. The college was started In March 2000.

  • +260955886407
  • Private Bag 41 Chipata, Zambia., Chipata, Chipata, Zambia

Makeni College of Education

The Makeni Islamic Society was established in June, 1972 in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The institution is located on approximately 30 hectares of land on which it houses a fully integrated Islamic Complex with Masjid Al Dawaah Al Islamia (Islamic propagation Mosque) being the core of the institution. The institution also houses the […]

  • Makeni College of Education
  • +260 211 272257, +260 211 274004
  • , Makeni College of Education, P O Box 32531, Lusaka.

Mwarona College of Education

The Mwarona College of Education was established in 2006 and is one of the first private colleges to open in Lusaka. It was founded by the late Mr. J.K. Mwansa. The founder of Mwarona College of education looked at investment opportunities available in Zambia and concluded that investment in education would contribute to poverty alleviation and to the socio-economic development of Zambia by increasing the number of graduates with college education.

  • +260 955 729 027
  • Bombay Road Opposite Kamwala Prison P.O. Box 38333 Kamwala Lusaka , Zambia., Lusaka, lusaka, Zambia