Education in Zambia

With education increasingly being the primary determinant of overall development in the emerging knowledge economy, Zambian Education Platform using  endeavors to be a central information hub for the various opportunities to education in Zambia.

With a huge data base of schools, colleges and universities across Zambia, we provide information on various career courses. Keeping in mind the needs of the working professionals, we have details of online education and different distance-learning courses. It is the right place for those seeking information about education opportunities on education in Zambia.

The platform is designed to be a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on Zambia Education, thus spreading numerous opportunities to institutions of learning and other education support organizations to be profiled among others.  is a  portal that leads one to available career options, a comprehensive list of Schools, Colleges and Universities (government and private) with details such as background, location of institution, course information, infrastructure, faculty, student services etc.

The focus is to list all learning institutions in the country on the web based database and advertise each institution on a single page that opens when you click on the name of the listed institution.


To be the Ultimate education platform for all education information and a model for information hubs


To foster education exchanges across various sections by profiling as much information as possible through partnering with stakeholders


Every member on the platform is free to give us information or calendar for their yearly events so we can publish as they fall due.


• Create a one stop platform for all education information in Zambia
• Promote the education sector through fostering of education exchanges
• Promote the Skill and trades courses through fostering exhibitions
• Foster Linkages among institutions of learning
• Protect the legitimacy of duly registered and regulated institutions by not profiling and advertising unregulated institutions.

Key Values

• Impartiality
• Diligent
• Efficient
• Service Oriented
• Customer Focused

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Game Theory 101

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